Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paula & Chad

These two crazy love birds came to me AFTER their sweet wedding in Tennessee. Good friends of one of our favorite babysitters - they drove here from Chattanooga for a fun filled afternoon of photos...right Chad?!? Let's just say that Chad obviously loves Paula a lot and did this solely for her! They are a sweet couple, very much in l0ve & I wish them nothing but the best! Thanks you two!


PSIrwin said...

Ahhh...those are our pictures. I about peed in my pants when I saw our names on today's blog, on the side of MY blog...oh my gosh, you're great!
and yes, he did it JUST for Me. Cause he loves me. awww...
thanks Lindsey!

Kerri said...

Very Sweet. You can see 'it' in the photos.