Tuesday, November 4, 2008

baby brother

The hardest part of keeping this blog is writing these witty blurbs...alright, for those of you don't know me personally, I like to think of myself as witty... anyway back to the difficult part of this blog... it's hard to write this stuff! I want to be creative, unique & of course witty with each post I write, but each time I feel as if I'm just repeating myself "precious kids", "wonderful client", "beautiful baby", "great parents", not sounding genuine or sincere... but the truth of the matter is this...I feel that way about all my clients! I honestly think they are all beautiful, have great parents, and have been wonderful clients! These three children were no different! As has happened in the past - I feel like I walked away from their session with two new friends in their parents!

**also, this little boy has one of the coolest names I've heard!


Kerri said...

Their parents will treasure all, but especially, the first photo. Certainly, one day when they are older and aren't so sweet to each other!

Great job - They are beautiful!

Jenn said...

I LOVE the sibling pic! They will cherish that... beautiful!