Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adah @ 6mos

Ahhh...Adah!! I love this cutie-patootie! I also love her parents who are so creative & willing to do whatever I ask (as long as I do whatever they ask!) I always enjoy my couple of hours with them and feel that we consistantly make the cutest images! I can't wait to see what we come up with for her 12 month pictures...

Newborn Tuckie

As you may remember I had the privilege of photographing this baby's 1st few moments here on Earth - what an experience! The privilege continued & I caught her newborn action a few days later. I think she was maybe eight days old in these pictures. I can't wait to watch her grow these next 12 months!!

Newborn Ella

Sweet Ella! I've been fortunate enough to document her sister's 1st two years of life & am on track to do the same with this piece of sweetness!! Her cute-as-pie sister, Savannah, is handling her new baby sister really well and is eager to give up the photography spotlight! We will let her slide this time - but expect lots more of both these cuties in the future!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Whitneys

I was so impressed with this family! For Christmas, the adult children of this couple gave them a gift that will last for years & will be treasured more & more as it ages... They gave them a photography session with me - which in turn meant that the family spent a couple hours together, hanging out, enjoying each others company & making memories that can never be replaced!

I loved that EVERY member of this family was willing to do whatever I asked them to do for the sake of their images! Isn't this a great picture? Doesn't it show what a fun family they are?

Everyone was so cute - the kids were just precious!

Seriously, the love in the air was palpable!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Collier @ 1

This was Collier's 1 year photo shoot - I cannot believe this boy is now one! Remember when he was a tiny little newborn? Born nearly 2 months early? I can!

Here's the good news though... his Mama & Daddy are giving me yet another chance to photograph their family... Baby #2 is on his/her way!! Can't wait!

On another note, see that cute lady at the top there? She's the star of one of my all time favorite photos!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blanche & Frazier

What an honor it was to photograph this special wedding! Not only were these two joining their lives together BUT they were joining the lives of their four boys! Poor Blanche, she is definitely outnumbered in her house now!

The wedding took place in the LaGrange College Chapel on a beautiful autumn day!

I love these next images. Their reception was held at a new restaurant downtown - the wedding & reception was suppose to be family only, but apparently there is NO stopping Blanche's friends...they surprised her at the restaurant to send them off with well wishes!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lyders Family

I visited this family under the auspices of photographing their baby but, she didn't want ANYTHING to do with me! She cried & cried the 1st hour I was there (you can see how red her face is in the 1st picture). Luckily, her older sister didn't mind having me around... However, we persevered & finally I was able to capture the baby's sweetness! I especially loved photographing the whole family (by whole I mean the cat too!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Change is a comin'

I photographed these three boys on two separate days - but all three had something in common...their worlds were about to completely change... both Mama's were pregnant with sisters...

I am so far behind with blogging that I am embarrassed to say that 5 months later - both Moms had their sweet baby girls & the worlds of these boys did not stop spinning...although I'm sure things are a little different these days!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My main man Anderson

Can you believe this boy's Mama? Yes, she paid me to embarr-ass her sweet son! But, isn't he cute? I could just pinch those cheeks... the outfit is one that his dad actually wore... you know 30+ years ago...

I can't believe in a few weeks I'll photograph his 3 year old birthday party! His sweet Mama was one of my 1st clients - where does the time go?