Friday, July 13, 2012


While she didn't arrive to our world exactly as planned...what matters is that she is HERE!  Welcome Baby Brantley!!

I love watching new parents watch their new baby - I can remember when my son was born, all my husband & I did for the first three months of his life was sit there and stare at him in amazement!


Carolyn said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful photographs!
i have enjoyed perusing your archives and have found it so incongruous that i found you because i was trying to get up the courage to start publicly sharing my photography skills in a formal way and wanted to call it LindenTree photography!
i have been photographing the special events of family and friends for years and would like to expand it into a little mama business.
amazing that your interest and name mirrored some other girl in Australia!
well done love the sight
wish i could pick your brains on how to make it work with the online presentation of images.

AZMike said...

This post is a little late to the party but what a beautiful baby, and great photographs, too!