Friday, February 4, 2011

Florida Keys Wedding

WOWZER!! This is going to be a long blog post & a two-parter for that matter! I've got a lot to say about these fabulous folks!! You may remember them from my recent blog about their engagement... I really want to impress upon you one thing via this blog...this was an amazing wedding in an amazing venue...The Florida Keys!!

Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Kevin is such a kind & attentive parent! I loved watching him interact with his boys!

They opted for a first look! Love it!

Not too shabby of place to get married...right?

Pamela owns her own graphic design studio & is one out of control graphic designer! Seriously, if you are looking for someone to help you with your wedding designs...she's your woman!

Stay tune for part II of this fan-tab-u-lous weekend!!

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Pamela Fugate Designs said...

What a beautiful post! It made me cry all over again! Thank you for capturing such a special time for us!! We can't wait to work with you again soon.