Sunday, October 4, 2009


I cannot believe that this child is old enough for me to do her senior portraits...I mean come on - wasn't it just yesterday that I met her as a 5th grader? Since when do 12 year olds get to graduate? Because, I know I'm not getting that old! Nonetheless...I had fun making these images with Ellie! Thanks for being so patient & willing! Good luck this year girlie!

**Leave me 15 comments & I'll give Ellie a 5x7 on me!


Paige said...

I would love to comment! I go to church with Ellie and yes she is wonderful!! When I was a middle school youth advisor she was in my group. My how time flies!!

TracyTPhotography said...

Beautiful work Lindsey! these are great!

Kerri said...

She didn't have a chance to not be beautiful, coming from her family. I agree, she is supposed to be a little girl!

Beautiful photos, Lindsey!

Lindsey said...

I used to babysit for her!! I can't believe she is so old! Wow! What a beauty!