Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cool Daddy

I had the BEST time with this family! There were many reasons for that claim! First of all they met me in Fredonia, AL. I love that name...Fredonia... 2nd -we met on their awesome farm! We had the best time shooting all over the place - there were limitless options! 3rd - this shoot was a Christmas gift for the grandparents! Not only did the grandparents receive these pictures - but they got to spend an afternoon playing with all of their grandkids - there isn't a better gift than the gift of time! And last but not least - their Grandfather had the coolest name ever... "Cool Daddy" I love it! Doesn't he look like a "Cool Daddy"?


Kerri said...

Beautiful shoot with a beautiful family! Love the 'Cool Daddy!'

TracyTPhotography said...

Beautiful family & wonderful job capturing the relationship between them! Job well done.